Daydreaming of Travel During a Global Pandemic

Memories of past travel adventures might be our best refuge during critical quarantine hours. Boredom, anxiety, fear. This is not the ideal cocktail of emotions we want to be sipping when it comes to getting comfortable with Covid-19 quarantine. This particular cocktail doesn’t come with a straw, or a colorful umbrella, nor is it servedContinue reading “Daydreaming of Travel During a Global Pandemic”


Sandy Knight🎈 In the late 1990’s Key West, like Las Vegas, was a vacation destination for the type of tourist who indulged in a state of temporary debauchery by affirming “What happens in Key West, stays in Key West.” Here, the rules of society were suspended in favor of fantasy making it a female impersonator’sContinue reading “HOW SANDY BOTTOMS KILLED LARRY FINEGOLD”