Lego My Manhood

“Between me and you, it’s not natural giving building blocks to girls. What’s wrong with a Mrs Beasley doll, or an Easy Bake Oven? Everybody knows Legos were made for boys. It says so right here in the

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Who Cut The Cheese?

The general wretchedness of Mondays was further cemented by the rain pummeling the roof of the two bedroom cottage, but he still loved them. Atlas smoothed the wiry charcoal hair camouflaging thinly boned arms and buttoned each cuff. Meticulously, he tucked a wild hair up the custom tailored sleeve, straightened the silk bowtie pinned below […]

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sleepless @ 3am

She believes too much In her own intuition and the ambiguity Of a convincing dream Remembering how her hand felt On the splintery rudder of the tiller Turning over the night sky, dividing it Into parcels of starless black soil She would clear a space To divine futures from the pitch blank Of uncertainty; planting […]

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Lies of omission grown in the silence between take on lives of their own robbing from each our secrets stolen from the justified and vulnerable borrowed on fear until grown bloated and taut truth springs unguarded from lips fully formed, as virulent as a virus without an antidote yet, having the power to heal the […]

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paper hearts

eager fingers slip insidedeep creases of lust, tracinghidden meridiansof despair obscured by hopeat some point we chose to fold ourselvesinto each other and disappear. i smoothed my wrinkled planes and blunted corners,preparing my emptiness for new dreamsfull of pulpy moons and plentiful tidesbut we grew boredof flat seams and glass seaswe were so sure would forever please yearning for more worldly things you traded your heart for paper wingsthen took to […]

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