As dawn breaks over another day of uncertainty silent comes the moth unbidden from the cornered shadows of my bedroom frantic wings flee the dark. I see not an intruder but a fateful refugee perhaps sent to probe the virtuous nature of a heart flush with fortune. I cup my hands gently around the winged creatureContinue reading “Mercy”

The Verisimilitudes of Fools

  The Verisimilitudes of Fools Whose court jester are you? Stricken by catastrophe impoverished, our hearts hunger, though small imaginations flounder beside the appearance of truth. Blinded by the allure of false reason, the sacred becomes obscured apathy takes its turn on the wheel driving fevered dreams over fallow fields harvesting nothing but the dying chorus ofContinue reading “The Verisimilitudes of Fools”

You will not be trusted

Photo by Daniel van den Berg on Unsplash You will not be trusted The gilded heart of a poet historically rife with treacherous romantic notions spilling blood colored secrets onto pages whipping hearts into frenzied gasps and hand-wringing rages from towers on high Oh how you deceive us for the sake of what — Truth? which isContinue reading “You will not be trusted”

sleepless @ 3am

She believes too much In her own intuition and the ambiguity Of a convincing dream Remembering how her hand felt On the splintery rudder of the tiller Turning over the night sky, dividing it Into parcels of starless black soil She would clear a space To divine futures from the pitch blank Of uncertainty; plantingContinue reading “sleepless @ 3am”


Lies of omission grown in the silence between take on lives of their own robbing from each our secrets stolen from the justified and vulnerable borrowed on fear until grown bloated and taut truth springs unguarded from lips fully formed, as virulent as a virus without an antidote yet, having the power to heal theContinue reading “Liars”

paper hearts

eager fingers slip insidedeep creases of lust, tracinghidden meridiansof despair obscured by hopeat some point we chose to fold ourselvesinto each other and disappear. i smoothed my wrinkled planes and blunted corners,preparing my emptiness for new dreamsfull of pulpy moons and plentiful tidesbut we grew boredof flat seams and glass seaswe were so sure would forever please yearning for more worldly things you traded your heart for paper wingsthen took toContinue reading “paper hearts”