Ordinary Things

I found her
in the folding and unfolding
of a fitted sheet
sharp corners gathered
then disguised
in the elastic roundness
of time

her life will never be
something I can neatly put away

nor would I try —

I need to hold it up to the light
spread my arms wide then
tuck it under my chin
while I pull the edges in
to my chest
in a misshapen square
turning it this way and that,
spreading it on the table or bed
while I sort the rest of
the laundry in my head

How long will ordinary things
remind mind me of her?


©Sandy Knight.6.2018, All Rights Reserved

Image credit: Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Published by Sandy Knight

Sandy Knight is a poet, photographer, musician, writer and author of the forthcoming books "You're Never Too Old To Be Notorious" a collection of short stories, and "Collect Yourself" a book of poetry.  Knight is a veteran of US Navy and The National Park Service, and holds a BS in Music Therapy from Maryville University, St Louis. When she's not traveling with her spouse, she resides in Northwest Arkansas where her neighbors might see her out on the front porch doing anything from roasting organic coffee beans to playing the banjo.

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