About Sandy

A natural humorist, Sandy Knight is no stranger to the power of laughter you’ll often find surprising nuggets of wit tucked in her work. Poetry, songwriting, and storytelling lend verve to Knight’s unique and deeply expressive voice. After traveling much of the world with everything from a guitar, a camera, and a welding torch on her back, she finds herself at home in Arkansas crafting unique stories and essays about her adventures, love, loss, and the lessons that accompany each passage of life. Knight’s released several recordings over the years and has a BS in Music Therapy.

As co-founder and managing editor of The Weekly Knob, a successful niche writing publication hosted on Medium, Knight engages and encourages writers at every level of development to commit to their writing practice.

As a poet, Knight is a well seasoned talent ranging in themes both contemporary and classic. Often you might experience her poetry vacillating in tenor between the hopeful, pollyanna sweetness of human affections and the cutting edge of cynicism for the human condition. Knight, like most poets is given to melancholy, brooding swings in verse and prose. 

A talent for writing engaging short stories has come later in Knight’s development as a storyteller. Well versed in the art of creating a sense of story within a song the leap to writing fiction shorts was an intuitively easy one. She has developed a stable of stock of larger than life characters and you’ll see them appear fairly often in her collection. Two characters in particular have captured the hearts of readers in the past few years and they are Caroline and Paralee, two elderly and unlikely roommates in a retirement home  who’ve become the best of friends. Knight will soon release an e-book of their collected stories titled, “You’re Never Too Old To Be Notorious”.